Friday, March 21, 2014

Good News !

Okay! My beautiful, beautiful, blog has been being neglected. By whom, you may ask? Well none other than me! The blogger! And so I have this letter to my blog and people who may read my blog:

    Dear Blog and People ,who may read my blog,
      I am soooo sorry for neglecting both of you. My poor blog has been lacking in reviews by a lot. Mainly because I don't have money for books and ARCs aren't exactly that easy to find and win. I really will try and do better with my blog. I promise I will try to redesign you even though I have no real idea how. (No worries ! I shall hire someone to make my blog look prettier !) School is so time consuming but I always have time to read, I just never review. I promise that will stop. Even if I read an old book from maybe 20 years ago or 60 centuries ago. I promise I will write a review on that novel.
I, Ezri, do solemnly swear to try and do more reviews on the books I read.

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