Friday, June 22, 2012

A Breath of Erye by Eve Marie Mont

Emma Townsend has always believed in stories—the ones she reads voraciously, and the ones she creates in her head. Perhaps it’s because she feels like an outsider at her exclusive prep school, or because her stepmother doesn’t come close to filling the void left by her mother’s death. And her only romantic prospect—apart from a crush on her English teacher—is Gray Newman, a long-time friend who just adds to Emma’s confusion. But escape soon arrives in an old leather-bound copy of Jane Eyre…

Reading of Jane’s isolation sparks a deep sense of kinship. Then fate takes things a leap further when a lightning storm catapults Emma right into Jane’s body and her nineteenth-century world. As governess at Thornfield, Emma has a sense of belonging she’s never known—and an attraction to the brooding Mr. Rochester. Now, moving between her two realities and uncovering secrets in both, Emma must decide whether her destiny lies in the pages of Jane’s story, or in the unwritten chapters of her own

 I loved this book. I'd give it a rating of 3 or maybe 4 at first nothing was really going on. But then it got its umph at the middle of the book. Its the type of book that makes you want to finish it THAT day. Seeing as I read the book in one day. It was really really good. And I loved the humor of it. There wasn't to much humor but there was enough for me. 
A Breath of Eyre (Unbound, #1)  I recommend this book to everyone who loves books within books. Kinda like the Vampire Stalker. Which I will be doing a review of soon.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beauty Sleep By Cameron Dokey & Mahlon F. Craft

"ONCE UPON A TIME" IS TIMELESS The Princess Aurore has had an unusual childhood. Cursed at birth, Aurore is fated to prick her finger at the age of sixteen and sleep for one hundred years -- until a prince awakens her with a kiss. So, to protect her, Aurore's loving parents forbid any task requiring a needle. Unable to sew or embroider like most little princesses, Aurore instead explores the castle grounds and beyond, where her warmth and generosity soon endear her to the townspeople. their devotion to the spirited princess grows as she does. On her sixteenth birthday, Aurore learns that the impending curse will harm not only her, but the entire kingdom as well. Unwilling to cause suffering, she will embark on a quest to end the evil magic. The princess's bravery will be rewarded as she finds adventure, enchantment, a handsome prince, and ultimately her destiny .

Heh, every book i've read lately has satisfied me. I loved the point of view the story was told from, it felt as though someone was actually telling me the story. You know how you see one of those movies an there is narrator throughout the whoole movie? That is how I felt as though someone was cluing me in on what was going down. It was such a lovely story though, I enjoyed this retelling of Sleeping Beauty. 

Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of "Sleeping Beauty"

OH. MY. GODS. by Tera Lynn Childs

When Phoebe's mom returns from Greece with a new husband and moves them to an island in the Aegean, Phoebe's plans for her senior year and track season are ancient history. Now she must attend the uberexclusive academy, where admission depends on pedigree, namely, ancestry from Zeus, Hera, and other Greek gods. That's right, they're real, not myth, and their teen descendants are like the classical heroes: �supersmart and superbeautiful with a few superpowers. And now they're on her track team! Armed only with her Nikes and the will to win, Phoebe races to find her place among the gods.

I absolutely fell in love with this book. I would recommend it if you like funny books. To me there was my sarcastic humor that I LOVE. Hahaha, I loved the characters they all seemed to have good backgrounds. The only thing I didn't like about this book is, how is your mother just gonna come home an have a FIANCEE! That didn't seem right to me, I knew I would've had a rage fit from that. I mean her mom won't even gone that long. 

 Oh. My. Gods. (Oh. My. Gods, #1) Hehehe people at school kept commenting about the cover of the book.

Darker Still by Leanna Hieber

I was obsessed.

It was as if he called to me, demanding I reach out and touch the brushstrokes of color swirled onto the canvas. It was the most exquisite portrait I'd ever seen--everything about Lord Denbury was unbelievable...utterly breathtaking and eerily lifelike.

There was a reason for that. Because despite what everyone said, Denbury never had committed suicide. He was alive. Trapped within his golden frame.
I've crossed over into his w
orld within the painting, and I've seen what dreams haunt him. They haunt me too. He and I are inextricably linked--bound together to watch the darkness seeping through the gas-lit cobblestone streets of Manhattan. Unless I can free him soon, things will only get Darker Still.

   I absolutely loved this book ! It held my attention from the very beginning. I loved the fact that the book was about a mute person, because its not very often you see a great book about someone disabled. (Sorry. It won't come out of Italics so D:)

The romance in the book had a pure sense to it kinda. Not rip my clothes off I wanna make love ya know. They took it..KINDA slow. I really enjoyed each character an there personality's. Especially the main female character. I encourage you to read this.
 Darker Still (Magic Most Foul, #1)

Unraveling Isolbel By Elieen Cook

Isobel’s life is falling apart. Her mom just married some guy she met on the internet only three months before, and is moving them to his sprawling, gothic mansion off the coast of nowhere. Goodbye, best friend. Goodbye, social life. Hello, icky new stepfather, crunchy granola town, and unbelievably good-looking, officially off-limits stepbrother.
But on her first night in her new home, Isobel starts to fear that it isn’t only her life that’s unraveling—her sanity might be giving way too. Because either Isobel is losing her mind, just like her artist father did before her, or she’s seeing ghosts. Either way, Isobel’s fast on her way to being the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

This book was a little fast for me. Everything just happened yah know. I loved the conflict in the book though, it kept me up all night reading the book. You know how when you add romance in books it makes you want to keep reading them an finish. I know I love me some Romance books, they all ways seem to have the most drama in them. That is exactly what I like looking for, drama.

       Isobel and her step brothers relationship was steamy. And I totally would've went out with him too even if he was only my step brother. Cause the way he was described, reminded me of a mini version of Kellan Lutz. WHOA, I <3 Kellan. Sorry for off topic rantings.

Unraveling Isobel